Holster for 2 Phones

A simple and convenient way to carry both your phones. The way these essential belongings are always at hand.


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This stylish accessory is made of high-quality natural leather, the seams are performed with a strong lasting thread. The two holster pockets are designed specially for the smartphone. Elastic straps can be easily adjusted in length, providing freedom and not hindering movements.

• Two holster pockets can be selected in different sizes for two different phones.
• The pocket flap is securely fixed with a magnetic snap.
• Elastic straps can be easily adjusted in length, pockets can be fixed horizontally or vertically, as you prefer.
• Additional straps for attaching to the waistband will provide stability and convenience.

Here is presented holster kit without wallet and with different sizes pockets for two phones. The kit includes two pockets and a fastening system. Available in colors brown and black, and also in several sizes, matching many smartphones.